Robot Auto Comfirm your Friend Request

Let The Story Starts

  • I hope you do not run away
  • because the story is a bit inconsequential

 First you Go here


Follow The Steps

  1. You Want change Token only in Given Below Script.
  2. To Get Token You Will Requried Long Lived Token
  3. Copy Belowscript Then Go here
  4. Login Then New project Post This Code

Language Title Explanation

You Can Change this Section by Your Language you Want to Comfirm (/_hi|en_/i) Following shows Language Code var bahasa={ th:"Thai", tr:"Turkish", id:"Indonesian", ar:"Arabic", fr:"French", az:"Azerbaijani", sl:"Slovenian", ru:"Russian", sq:"Albanian", vi:"Vietnamese", jv:"Javanese", ms:"Malay", de:"German", ja:"Japanese", fa:"Persian", bg:"Bulgarian", pt:"Portuguese", sr:"Serbian", hi:"Hindi", ku:"Kurdish", bs:"Bosnian", tl:"Tagalog", zh:"Chinese", pl:"Polish", nl:"Dutch", en:"English" so for example, want confirmation japan people live instead ja ID if you want to replace all     language code is like this | ja | ID | BS | MY | EN etc.

  • Then Save it
  • Run function komprim add trigger per 30 minute
  • well
  • simple it is less clear if please comments ok good luck.
  • this scene at home more details see in the picture below.

  • ScreenShot

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